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Continuing Education 

You have just obtained your cosmetic arts license, now what? Cosmetic Arts School teaches you the basics, although do you know all of the skills necessary to advance in your chosen field?


Here at the Kinesthetic Institute of the Skin & Scalp E.D., we want you to succeed! therefore we offer a hands-on approach to learning. We teach you the skills needed to improve upon what you have learned in school and the tools needed to succeed in your career. From Trichology CE Courses to advanced braiding techniques, to how to complete the perfect facial, to how to formulate the right hair color, to waxing techniques, to how to master a tapered clipper cut. Whatever you need, we are here to help.


If you do not see a class that fits your needs, "whisper in our ear" by filling out the contact form and let us know what class you would like for us to offer. 

Sign up today! Seats for each class are limited. 

**Virtual options may be available!

Available Courses

Continuing Education Courses

CE Contact Us
Interested in Continuing Education Courses for the Trichology, Cosmetic Arts and Barbering Industry? We've got you covered!
Please fill out this brief questionnaire so that we can provide the courses you are seeking!
We look forward to assisting you in your career advancement!

**This is not an application of admissions. If you would like to apply for one of our existing courses or programs, please click here to fill out an application and pay the appropriate fees.  
Would you prefer a day or evening class?
Would you prefer an online or in-person class?
Would you prefer a 1on-1 class or a group course?
Would you prefer hands-on or look and learn?
Which of the following continuing Education Courses would you be interested in?

Thanks for your feedback!

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