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Business Coaching Services

We know how it feels to take a class to teach a specific skill and still feel lost afterwards. Perhaps you have just obtained your cosmetic arts license, now what? Cosmetic Arts School teaches you the basics, although do you know all of the skills necessary to advance in your chosen field?


Our team of professionals is here to help you navigate through the challenges you are currently facing and coach you to success in your business.


Here at the Kinesthetic Institute of the Skin & Scalp E.D., we want you to succeed! We teach you the skills needed to improve upon what you have learned in school and the tools needed to succeed in your Chosen career. 


Our programs are geared towards licensed professionals in the fields of Cosmetology, Esthetics, Natural Hair, or Trichology who need additional assistance with building their practice or require advanced education. We have removed all of the fluff and assist you in navigating through the worlds of Cosmetic Arts and Trichology. We know what it feels like to obtain a certification and still feel lost or stuck. We are here to help!


You will Learn:

  • How to Find your niche,

  • how to properly price your services,

  • how to properly structure your business,

  • how to open your trichology practice,  

  • How to open your own salon,

  • how to become an educator,

  • How to increase your income potential behind the chair


 Congratulations on taking the next step in your career and we look forward to assisting you to get to the next level.


Sign up today!

Slots are limited. 

**Virtual and in-person options available!

Coaching Prgrams
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